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Mission Commander - Age 15

My name is Zac Knight-Hawk. I’m 15 and live on a research boat with my archeologist mom (Libby Knight-Hawk) and step-dad (Nathan Knight), my 12 yr. old sister (Abby Knight) and my uncle (Michael Hawk). Somehow Abby and I have become wrapped-up in this big, crazy battle over these ancient, magical stone shards, called Terralyths.

Apparently the safety of us all is at stake. I know this sounds completely made-up, but it's not. We tried to handle it on our own, but it's just too big and too important. So, we created this site with a friend of mine named Blue, to get help from anyone who reads it. We’re begging you to please read the whole site first, then register and go on missions to find Terralyth shards. I don’t know everything yet, but I figure out more each day. I’ll keep you updated here. This is not a joke. Please help us. Check this site often, OK? Oh yeah, be careful.


Age 12

Hi guys! I’m Abby and I have a story to tell. It’s wild and crazy, but that’s life now. You can read more about it in our blog. Here goes…


I went down to the dive platform and was shocked to see an eye in the water looking back at me. I was startled at first, but found my center quickly. I said “Hello, little fella.”


Then I heard the voice that called me break into a deep laugh in my head. “You must not have seen me correctly.” It teased.


Then the eyeball disappeared. A second later, the surface of the water erupted and a giant squid jumped in a lazy jump, landing whale like, creating a huge splash of water that drenched me. He should have at least warned me! The squid apologized, speaking in a very formal voice.


“You have not begun to realize your importance, Abby”. I’ll never forget those words… they sent shivers down my spine.


And then he swam off. I must be going crazy like Zac. 


C’mon guys. We’ve gotta have your help! Enlist as part of the Terraforce at least, or contribute to the cause and become a more elite Terralyth Guardian! Either way we’re putting our lives on the line so you don’t have to. Think about it.



Age 13

Hi! My name is Flynn Blueworthy, but everyone calls me Blue. My dad died just before I was born, and my mom was a lead scientist at Stonelore until she died when I was young. Stonelore kinda raised me. I’m a young scientist here now with lots of cool, important responsibilities. Archaegis is pretty much my dad. He likes to assign me most of the very top secret projects we work on so we don’t have an intern telling people about it. But I admit, I’m worried now; worried about Earth, humanity, my brave friends Zac and Abby, the Drakken forces getting closer, finding all the Terralyths we can first, before Lord Cipher. We’re in serious need of help. And, you’ll be very safe. I created the devices that can send your image on Missions to find Terralyths. Just have the courage to sign up, give to the cause and become an elite Terraforce member… a Terralyth Guardian. We need you.

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