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Terralyth  shards are stones with magic properties that came from the planet Eydan when it exploded after the Primagi War. Shards imbue the holder with whatever magic powers have been imprinted on the shard itself. These powers can range from turning your skin to stone, to casting fireballs, to summoning minions. This magic is not inherently good or evil, but can be used for either cause by those who wield it.

By joining the Terraforce, your job will be to FIND, BOOST, AND DEFEND these Terralyth shards.




Powers come from Terralyth shards. Every shard has multiple powers that can be unlocked based on how much energy is stored on that shard. Some powers will be for defense, some will be for offense, and some can even be used to effect your surroundings. There is no known limit to how powerful these shards can become, and we know this because of the destruction of the planet Eydan. Unlocking and cataloging each shard's power will be crucial for you to complete missions.



Effects can happen when you cast a power, a power is cast upon you, or when you cast a power upon yourself. These effects can be damage over time to a creature, a shield that blocks damage to yourself, or even the summons of a friendly minion -- and much more. Make sure to watch for these effects as you cast powers, or powers are cast upon you.



Shards can be collected in the 5th Dimension as well as physically. At first, most of the shards you collect will be Dimensional shards (shards you collect in the 5th dimension). These dimensional shards will have limited powers until you can match it with its twin physical shard. When matched, both the dimensional and the physical shard will unlock further powers. As of now, we are focusing only on dimensional shards, but Blue will keep you in the loop when we start collecting physical shards.

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